Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Challenge Results (Week 2)

At the beginning of April I decided to really challenge myself to try to save more than goal is to save at least 50% on all my grocery shopping throughout the month. Our grocery budget includes all foods, medicines, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and going out to eat. Here's how I did this week:

Spent: $64.01

Saved: $277.17

That's a savings of about 81%!!

The reason that the spent is a little higher this week is because we went to Mr. Gatti's for supper one night...spent $17.95 there. We weren't planning on going, but my oldest son's cub scout den won "free meals" meals, but he was only able to redeem the "free meal" if a paying adult came with him. What in the world is that? If you are going to give a child a free prize, make it free with no strings attached. That's just my two cents worth :)

How did you guys do this week? Start small and keep going!! Any amount of savings is better than no savings at all!!


  1. I was at MOPS this week and got to listen to your testimony and message about couponing. I was excited about what you had done for your family. I especially liked that you have brought out a new way outside the box in tithing. Bringing this savings in cash or in goods can help so many people.

    I brought the ideas and your printout home to my husband and we decided to try it. We started simple with just manufactures coupons on the grocery list of items we had. For two weeks of groceries we saved $53.37!!! Thats $100 in the first month. Even if I can't pull the numbers off that you do, the $100 is a big deal already.

    Thank you for your efforts for God, your family, and now other families in our area. I've sent out your blog to other wives I know who might find your information useful.

    Keep it up! God is blessing you and many others. :)

  2. That's awesome to have already saved over $50.00!! When I first started I'd only save $5 or $10. Once you start getting a good stockpile of staples, you'll see your grocery bill seriously go'll be able to hold off on buying things until they really go on sale for rock bottom prices. It took me between 4 to 6 weeks before I started noticing a BIG difference, but I started out not knowing anything...having to start from scratch. Keep it up!!