Friday, November 11, 2011

Coupon for Dole Salad Kit

Go here to print a coupon for $0.75 off one Dole Salad Kit.

We don't see a lot of coupons for fresh produce, so this is a great one to print.

I found this using zip code 99218.

Thanks I Heart the Mart!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Coupon for Gold Medal Flour

There was a coupon for $0.50 off Gold Medal Flour a few days ago, but it reached it's print limit pretty quickly. If you missed out on it, or are planning on doing quite a bit of baking over the next few weeks, you might want to print this coupon.

Go here to print a coupon for $0.25 off Gold Medal Flour. Remember that this coupon will triple at Albertsons, and have a value of $0.75.

Deodorant Coupons--Suave Deodorant Just $0.22!

Go here and like Don't Fret the Sweat on Facebook, and you'll be able to choose between several different deodorant coupons to print.

Coupons available are:

$1.00 off Degree Girl Deodorant

$1.00 off Dove Deodorant or Body Mist

$1.00 off Degree Men Deodorant

$0.75 off Suave Deodorant.

You will only be able to choose one of these coupons to print, but you will be able to print that coupon off twice.

Suave deodorant is priced at $0.97 at both Target and Wal-Mart, so just $0.22 after coupon.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Albertsons Ad/Coupon Match Up (November 9 - 15)

Albertsons will:
-double coupons up to and including $0.50
-triple coupons up to and including $0.39
-double/triple 4 like coupons a DAY
-accept TWO coupons during a Buy one Get one Free sale (as long as each coupon is for $x.xx off ONE product)
-allow you to combine a store coupon with a manufacturer's coupon


Honeysuckle White Premium quality Frozen Turkey $0.49/lb. (with in ad coupon) (Limit 1 per coupon. Limit 1 coupon per customer, with $20.00 additional purchase)

Fresh Boneless Chicken Breast $1.98/lb.

Premium USDA Choice Beef Boneless Beef Rump Roast $2.99/lb.

USDA Choice Beef T-Bone Steaks $5.99/lb.

Assorted Pork Chops $1.98/lb.

Premium USDA Choice Boneless Petite Sirloin Steak Buy one get TWO FREE (with in store coupon)

Pork Spare Ribs $1.99/lb.

Center Cut Pork Loin Chops (Boneless) Buy one get one FREE

Fresh Pork Loin or Rib Chops (Bone-in) Buy one get one FREE

Hormel Pork Tenderloin Tips Buy one get TWO FREE (with in ad coupon)

Fresh Harvest Tilapia Fillets Buy one get TWO FREE (with in ad coupon)

Boneless Pork Loin Chops (pre-seasoned) Buy one get TWO FREE (with in ad coupon)

Buy 15 participating products and receive $10.00 off instantly. You must buy 15 products to receive the price. Prices below reflect savings.

Stove Top Stuffing Mix $0.88
-use coupon for Buy 4 boxes Stove Top Stuffing Mix get one FREE (tearpad coupon) (I have seen these at both HEB and Albertsons recently) (Note, this coupon says you can use ONE per transaction)
Final Price: $3.52 for 5 (or $0.70 each)

Velveeta Cheesy Skillets $0.99
-use coupon for $0.75 off Velveeta Cheesy Skillets (found in some boxes of Velveeta Cheesy Skillets)
Final Price: $0.24

Kraft Deluxe, Homestyle, or Velveeta Dinners $1.49
-use coupon for $0.55 off 2 packages of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinners (any variety) (found in Kraft Foods Coupon Booklet that was available at stores this summer)
Final Price: $2.43 for 2 (or $1.22 each)

Kraft Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip $2.49
-use coupon for $0.55 off 1 Kraft Real Mayo Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip (found in Kraft Foods Coupon Booklet that was available at stores this summer)
Final Price: $1.94

Kraft Salad Dressing $1.67

Maxwell House Coffee $7.49

Capri Sun Juice Drinks $1.69

Jell-O Temptations (4.7 to 5.9 oz) $1.87

Maxwell House International Coffee $1.99
-use coupon for $0.55 off Maxwell House International Coffee (found in September Kraft Food & Family)
Final Price: $1.44

Jell-O Temptations (11.75 to 13.8 oz) $1.99

Jell-O Ready to Eat Gelatin $2.49

Baker's Baking Chocolate Bars $1.99
-use coupon for $1.25 off 3 Kraft Dessert Brands (Baker's Chocolate, Jell-O, Honey Maid Grahams, Nilla Wafers, or Philadelphia Cream Cheese (found in Deliciously Simple Holiday Coupon Booklet) (I've found these booklets at HEB, Albertsons, and Wal-Mart recently) (This coupon was also available to print recently)
Final Price: $4.72 for 3 (or $1.57 each)

Baker's Coconut $1.49

Grey Poupon Mustard $1.69

Planters Mixed Nuts or Cahsews Halves and Pieces $3.49


Best Choice Apple Juice $0.99

Digiorno or California Pizza Kitchen Frozen Pizza $4.59
-use coupon for $2.00 off Digiorno product (found on Facebook a couple of weeks longer available to print, but check your coupons)
-use coupon for $1.00 off California Pizza Kitchen product (found in 9/25 RedPlum insert)
Final Price: As low as $2.59

Community Coffee $3.99
-use coupon for $1.00 off one Community Coffee (found in 10/9 SmartSource insert)
Final Price: $2.99

Land O Lakes Butter $2.50 (limit 4)
-use coupon for $0.50 off any 2 Land O Lakes Butter (found in 10/23 SmartSource) (will double)
Final Price: $4.00 for 2 (or $2.00 each)

Best Choice Flour $0.99 (limit 2)

Best Choice Sugar $1.98 (limit 2)

Pillsbury Cake Mix $0.99

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.25 (limit 4)
-use coupon for $1.25 off 3 participating Kraft Dessert Brands...Philadelphia Cream Cheese is included (found in Deliciously Simple Homemade Coupon Booklet and was also available to print recently)
Final Price: $2.50 for 3 (or $0.83 each)

Nestle Morsels $2.50
-use coupon for $1.25 off 3 Nestle Toll House Morsels (found in 11/6 RedPlum insert)
-use coupon for $0.50 off 2 Nestle Toll House Morsels (found here) (will double)
Final Price: As low as $4.00 for 2 (or $2.00 each)

Fisher Pecans (16 oz.) $9.99

Albertsons Imitation Vanilla $0.99

McCormick Spices 50% off (no prices listed)

Jell-O No Bake Cheesecake $1.99
-use coupon for $1.00 off 2 Jell-O No Bake Desserts (tearpad coupon found at Albertsons)
Final Price: $2.98 for 2 (or $1.49 each)

Lucky Leaf Cherry or Apple Pie Filling $2.50
-use coupon for $1.00 off 2 Lucky Leaf Pie Fillings (found in 11/6 RedPlum insert and here)
Final Price: $4.00 for 2 (or $2.00 each)

Yoplait Greek Yogurt $1.00
-use coupon for $0.50 off 2 Greek Yogurt (found in 10/2 General Mills insert and here) (will double)
Final Price: $1.00 for 2 (or $0.50 each)

Country Crock Shedd's Spread $2.79
-use coupon for $1.00 off Shedd's Spread (found in November All You magazine)
-use coupon for $0.40 off Shedd's Spread (found here) (will double)
Final Price: As low as $1.79

Sara Lee Pies $4.99
-use coupon for $1.00 off Sara Lee Frozen Dessert (found in 10/23 RedPlum insert)
Final Price: $3.99

Ore-Ida Frozen Potatoes $2.99
-use coupon for $1.00 off Ore-Ida Frozen Potatoes (found here)
Final Price: $1.99

Land O'Frost Premium Lunchmeat or Wrap Kits $4.79
-use coupon for $1.00 off Land O'Frost (found here)
Final Price: $3.79

Langers Cranberry Juice Cocktail $1.69
-use coupon for $0.55 off Langers Juice (found here)
Final Price: $1.14

Hormel Chili $1.50
-use coupon for $0.55 off 2 Hormel Chili (found here and in 11/6 SmartSource insert)
Final Price: $2.45 for 2 (or $1.23 each)

Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers $6.99
-use coupon for $1.50 off Huggies Diapers (found in 10/23 SmartSource insert)
-use coupon for $2.00 off Pull Ups (found here)
Final Price: As low as $4.99
(There are also coupons for Slip On Diapers. I am not sure if these are included in the sale price, but just in case:
-use coupon for $3.00 off Slip On Diapers (found in 10/23 SmartSource insert)
-use coupon for $2.00 off Slip on Diapers (found here)


Red Ripe Roma Tomatoes $1.00/lb.

Washington Fuji Apples $1.00/lb.

Fresh Bunch Celery $1.00

Baby Carrots (1 lb. package) $1.00

Del Monte Fruit Naturals $1.00

Washington Danjou Pears $1.00/lb.

Yellow Zucchini or Squash $1.00/lb.

Clementine Tangerines $3.99 (3 lb. bag)

HEB Ad/Coupon Match Up (November 9 - 15)


HEB Fully Cooked Turkey, HEB Fully Cooked Beef Brisket, or HEB Fully Cooked Boneless Prime Rib Roast
HEB Salad Dressing
HEB Chunk Cheese
HEB Sauced Texas Style Green Beans
HEB Creamy Creations Churn Style Ice Cream
HEB Pure Cane Sugar Soft Drinks (12 pack)
HEB Butter Supremes Crackers
HEB Zesty Italian, American, or Iceberg & Romaine Blend
Value Foil Roaster


HEB Spiral Sliced Bone-in Half or Whole Ham or HEB Natural Spiral Sliced Bone-in Half Ham
12 lb. RiverSide Grade A Turkey

Fritos Corn Chips
HEB Corn Chips

2 Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked Sausage Links, Patties, or Crumbles
-use coupon for $2.00 off Jimmy Dean Product when you buy 100% Orange Juice (found here)
-use coupon for $0.75 off Jimmy Dean Sausage Crumbles (found on package)
HEB Large Grade AA Eggs (1 dozen)
HEB Ready to Cook Flour Tortillas (20 ct)

HEB Ridged Potato Chips
Chex Mix

Oscar Mayer Carving Board Lunchmeat
-use coupon for $1.00 off Oscar Mayer Carving Board Lunchmeat (peelies found on product...please do not take these peelies unless you are purchasing the product)
Easy Mac Cup or Velveeta Cup

Tyson Bagged Chicken Nuggets, Patties, Tenders, Steak Fingers, Country Fried Steak, or Mini Chicken Sandwiches
-use coupon for $0.75 off Tyson Chicken Tenders (found in 10/2 SmartSource insert)
-use coupon for Buy 2 bags of Tyson Frozen Chicken Strips save $2.00 on a case of bottled water (found here)
Delimex Taquitos

HEB Ready, Fresh, Go! Asparagus
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray

HEB Chicken Broth
HEB Ready to Serve Soup

Gorton's Fish Sticks or Fillets, or Grilled Salmon or Tilapia Fillets
-use coupon for $1.00 off Gorton's Skillet Crisp Tilapia (found in 10/30 SmartSource insert)
-use coupon for $0.50 off any Gorton's Item (found in 9/11 SmartSource insert)
-use coupon for $1.00 off any 2 Gorton's Items (found here)
Kozy Shack Pudding (6 pack)

HEB Premium Smoked Sausage Links (value pack)
Wolf Brand Chili No Beans
HEB Fancy Shredded Cheese

2 HEB Chef Prepared Side Dishes
HEB Chef Prepared Large Green Salad

Cocinaware 5.2 Quart Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Cocinaware Mini Enamel Cast Iron Casserole with Lid

Pyrex Easy Grab Oblong Dish ($5.97)
2 Hill Country Fare French Style Green Beans
2 Hill Country Fare Bite-Size French Fried Onions
2 Hill Country Fare Cream of Mushroom Soup

Pyrex Easy Grab Pie Pan ($5.97)
Betty Crocker Pie Crust
Lucky Leaf Premium Cherry Pie Filling
Hill Country Fare Whipped Topping

iChef All Purpose 13x9 Cake Pan with Lid
Hill Country Fare Stuffing Mix

Progressive Onion Chopper ($9.97)
3 lbs. of Yellow Onions

Eggies ($9.97)
Hill Country Fare Large Grade A Eggs

Slice-O-Matic $19.99
5 lb. bag of Russet Potatoes

Rubbermaid TakeAlongs Serving Bowls or 1 Gallon Containers
-use coupon for $1.00 off 2 Rubbermaid TakeAlongs (found in 11/6 SmartSource insert)
Pillsbury Cookie Mix

HEB Baby Infant Formula
Evenflo "Zoo Friends" Single Baby Bottle

Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo Pack Diapers
-use coupon for $2.00 off any 1 box or 2 bags of Pampers (found in 10/30 Proctor and Gamble insert)
Pampers Soft Pack or Tub Baby Wipes

Orchid Skin Care or Bar Soap
Orchid Hand Soap or Hand Sanitizer

Axe Shampoo, Conditioner, or 2 in 1
Risk 2 in 1 Shampoo

HEB Toothpaste
HEB Mouth Rinse

Hill Country Essentials Shampoo, Conditioner, or 2 in 1
HEB Hair Accessory (max. value $2.50)

Lysol Heavy Duty Sponges (3 pack)
Lysol Multi-purpose Sponges (3 pack

Pine-Sol All Purpose Cleaner
-use coupon for $0.50 off one Pine-Sol Cleaner (found here)
Clorox Liquid Bleach

HEB Bravo Liquid Laundry Detergent (102 loads)
HEB Bravo Ultra Liquid Fabric Softener (60 loads)
I will be posting the HEB and Albertsons ad/coupon match ups a little later tonight. I got a little behind today, and won't have them finished before we head to church. I'm hoping to have both of them done sometime tonight.

Good Deals at Lowe's This Week

Below are the best deals that I see at Lowe's for this week.

Milk (gallon) $2.50 (A gallon of milk was $3.78 the last time I was at Wal-Mart)

Block/Shredded Cheese (8 oz.) $1.50

Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit $0.25 each

Washington, Extra Fancy, Braeburn, or Granny Smith Apples $0.88/lb.

Mild Yellow Onions 3 lbs. for $1.00 ($0.33/lb.)

Kiwi $0.20 each

Broccoli $0.98/lb.

Remember, if you don't shop at Lowe's you can always price match at Wal-Mart.

HEB--A Few Cheap (Even FREE) Finds

I ran into HEB today to see if I could find any good deals, and I came up with several that you might be interested in.

Kikkoman Soy Sauce (5 oz. bottle) $0.98
-use coupon for $1.00 off any Kikkoman product (found here)
Final Price: FREE

Idahoan Mashed Potato Pouches $0.84
-use coupon for $1.00 off Idahoan product (found here)
Final Price: FREE

HEB Wheat Hot Dog Buns $1.68
-use HEB in store coupon for $1.00 off HEB Wheat Hot Dog Buns (found on shelf next to hot dog buns)
Final Price: $0.68

Smucker's Goober Peanut Butter and Chocolate $1.50
-use HEB in store coupon for $1.00 off Goober P.B. and Chocolate (found on shelf next to Goober/Jelly products)
Final Price: $0.50

Muir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce (8 oz.) or Tomato Paste (6 oz.) $0.94
-use coupon for $0.75 off Muir Glen Product (I don't believe that this is available to print any longer, but you might want to check here)
Final Price: $0.19

Ore Ida Tator Tots $2.27
-use coupon for $1.00 off Ore Ida Frozen Potato Products (found here)
Final Price: $1.27

HEB Fat Free Sour Cream (16 oz.) $1.25
HEB Dip $0.88
-use coupon for Buy HEB Sour Cream Get HEB Dip Free (HEB in store coupon found on shelf next to sour cream)
Final Price: Both for $1.25 ($0.63 each)

2 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix ($1.82 x 2 = $3.64)
1 Hershey's Baking Chips
-use coupon for $1.00 off 2 Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes (found here)
-use HEB in store coupon for Buy 2 Better Crocker Cookie Mixes Get Hershey's Baking Chips Free
Final Price: $2.64 for all 3 items (or $0.88 each)

Dole Pineapple (8 oz. cans) $0.78
(Special in store 4 in a single transaction and receive a catalina coupon for $0.75 off HEB product on your next visit)
-use coupon for $1.00 off 3 Dole Pineapple (found in Ziploc Holiday Coupon Booklet) (I have seen this booklet at several stores the last couple of weeks...they had them at HEB next to the cake decorating items)
Deal Idea:
Purchase 6 Dole Pineapples ($4.68)
-use 2 $1.00 off 3 Coupons
Final Price: $2.68 (or $0.45 each) AND receive a catalina coupon for $0.75 off your next visit. If you factor the catalina into the's like paying $0.32 a can)

Breakfast idea:
Buy 2 Jimmy Dean Sausage Crumbles, Patties, or Links $2.98 each
Dozen Eggs
Ready to Cook Flour Tortillas

2 Jimmy Dean Products ( $5.96)
2 HEB 100% Orange Juice ($2.50 each...$5.00)
1 Dozen Eggs
1 Ready to Cook Tortillas
-use 2 coupons for $2.00 off Jimmy Dean product wyb 100% Orange Juice (found here)
-FREE Dozen Eggs coupon(HEB in store coupon)
-FREE Tortillas coupon (HEB in store coupon)
Final Price: $6.96 for all 6 items (or $1.16 each)

We usually have a big breakfast on Saturday mornings, and I have a very hard time finding a good deal on breakfast meats, so this deal is looking good to me.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

$1.00 off Idahoan Potatoes Coupon

Go here to print a coupon for $1.00 off one package of Idahoan Flavored Mashed Potatoes or Homestyle Casseroles.You'll need to create a Pilgrahoan potato, then enter the contest and like Idahoan on Facebook. (Sounds time consuming, but it took me less than a minute).

Albertsons puts these on sale for $1.00 quite frequently, so with the right sale, we should be able to get these for FREE.

Thanks For the Mommas!

Giveaway--Just In Time For The Holidays!!

I am really excited about this giveaway!!

I know it doesn't seem like it, but Christmas is just a few short weeks away...almost time to start decorating, wrapping presents, and of course sending out Christmas cards. I don't think this giveaway could have come at a better time.

Sarah, at Brown Paper Goods, offered to do a giveaway for one of you. She makes personalized cards and invitations that would be perfect to use this Christmas. Her designs are only $10.00...a GREAT price for personalized cards!

You can go here to check out all of her designs. I am having a difficult time deciding which one of her designs I like the best.

To enter this giveaway just leave a tip for saving money during the holidays...a free/inexpensive tradition that you have with your family, a tip for shopping for gifts, making homemade gifts...anything that helps you save money around the holidays.

To make this even better, I thought I'd give you a chance to be entered a second time into this giveaway. To have a second chance to win, just go here to Brown Paper Goods and find your favorite design. Then come back here and leave a comment letting me know which design is your favorite. I am loving Believe in the Magic, Rejoice, Filled with Peace, and the Bah Humbug designs.

The winner will be able to choose one of the designs on Sarah's site. She will then customize it for you and will send it to you in a digital file. You can then take the file and have it printed where you usually develop pictures...Wal-Mart, Sam's, Walgreens, CVS, etc.

Please don't wait to enter this giveaway. I'll keep this giveaway open until November 15th, so you'll have plenty of time to get your cards ready to mail out.

HOT High Value Coupons

There are several HOT coupons available right now to print. These are SmartSource coupons, and you should be able to print them out twice per computer. Some of these coupons are similar to ones we see in the newspaper, but there are also several high value ones that I really encourage you to print.

My favorite coupons available are:

$1.00 off one 64 oz. bottle of any Mott's Apple Juice
$1.00 off any one Ore-Ida Frozen Potato Product (19 oz. or larger)
$1.00 off two Pop-Secret Popcorn
$0.50 off 2 Campbell's SpaghettiO's Pasta
$1.00 off 2 Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce

Go here to see all of the available coupons.

Thanks Addicted to Saving!

Peter Pan Coupon

Go here to print a coupon for $1.50 off 3 jars of Peter Pan Peanut Butter. There have been a lot of reports that peanuts and peanut butter will be getting more and more expensive, so you might want to print this coupon and stock up now.

Thanks Printable Coupons and Deals!

Coupon for Cereal Bars

Go here to print a coupon for $1.10 off TWO BOXES of Lucky Charms® Treats, Golden Grahams® Treats OR Chex Mix® Treats.

If your family seems to be constantly on the go you might want to try these cereal treat bars. If you are planning on making any long trips over the holidays, these might make a good on the go breakfast...combined with fruit and/or yogurt.

This coupon is provided by Cereal Treats Bars through Pssst...

Sorry about the lack of posts over the last several days. We've been battling sickness, but I think we are all finally on the upswing. Stay tuned because I have an awesome giveaway that I'll be posting about later tonight!