Sunday, May 23, 2010

Coupons...3 lbs. of Coupon Inserts Mailed to You!!

I've talked to several people who have mentioned that they are not getting the expected coupon inserts in the Sunday paper. The San Angelo paper might have both SmartSource and RedPlum inserts, but that there are not the amount of coupons that are in the coupon preview. Several people have told me that they buy the San Antonio paper, but that the last several weeks there has been no RedPlum insert in it. I was surprised to hear about this because I no longer buy the Sunday newspaper. Yes, I still get the wonderful coupon inserts from the paper, but I don't buy a Sundy paper. This means that I don't have to make a stop on Sundays for paper, throw out/recycle all the extra newspapers, or have to sort through the newspapers at the store to see if the inserts are even in there.

How do I still get coupon inserts?

I have coupon inserts mailed to me by a company called American Consumer Services. They mail me 3 lbs. of coupon newspapers, no filler ads, just the coupon inserts. The inserts come directly to my mailbox. They are from big city newspapers, and I've found that there are more coupons in the inserts and that they are higher in value than the ones that were in the newspapers that I was buying. I feel good about it too, because I am no longer wasting all those newspapers that I was buying and just throwing out or recycling.

How many inserts are in a 3 lb. package? Usually between 30 to 40 inserts. No, these are not all different inserts...there are duplicats of many of the inserts (which I LOVE because that means when you find a coupon that works great with a sale or that will get you an item for FREE you can really STOCK UP!!)

Each time this package is shipped it costs $33.00...that might sound like a lot, but I figured that I get inserts from between 15 and 18 newspapers. San Antonio newspapers costs $3.00 a piece...15 newspapers would cost $45.00. I also know that I will EASILY make that money back on just one trip to the grocery store. You can choose to get coupons mailed to you once a month...or more frequently. I have them mailed to my house every two weeks. I cannot emphasize enough how much I LOVE receiving my coupons this way. If you think that this sounds like too many coupons for your family to use, think about going in with a friend...there should be plenty of coupons to split with a friend. One of the keys to saving big with coupons is being able to stock up when items are at rock bottom prices, that is the main reason that I LOVE having multiple inserts.

I contacted Mr. Daniels (the owner of American Consumer Services) and asked him if it was okay for me to write about his company. He gets a limited amount of inserts each week, so I wanted to make sure that if I wrote about it and if you guys were interested in it, that he would have enough coupon inserts for you guys to order from him. He told me that would be okay...if you contact him about this just let him know that you heard about it from Lucrecia Wingfield's blog.

This is a smaller company, and he does not have a website. You can contact him at 1-866-790-5088 or email him at If you are interested in doing this, I would encourage you to call because he will need your debit/credit card information (and personally I feel a whole lot safer giving that information on the phone rather than through an email).

This was emailed to me directly from Mr. Daniels to explain the coupon inserts a little more clearly:

"You'll get a variety of SmartSource, RedPlum and P&G inserts from the Sunday newspapers of the last 4 to 6 weeks. Use the coupons at any supermarket in the U.S. to stretch your dollars and make them work harder. Most people get an order of AMERICAN SUPERSHOPPER GOLD once a month, but we can send you an order every 2 or 3 weeks, if you prefer. We charge your credit card on Friday and the scheduled orders ship on the following Thursday. Coupon packages ship all month long, not at just the beginning or end of the month. You will get the latest coupon inserts from the last Sunday as well as a variety of inserts from the previous weeks. We remove the junk pages to compact the inserts so more fit in the package. We also go through every insert to ensure that there are no short-dated or expired coupons. If there are any, we add additional inserts to the package at no cost to you."

Hope some of you take advantage of this offer...make sure to tell him that you heard about this on Lucrecia Wingfield's blog, so you can be sure to get in on his mailing list. Oh, and this is not something you have to sign a contract to join...try it once, and if you aren't satisfied call and cancel. I signed up to have it delivered once a month, and as soon as I received my first shipment I emailed him to ask if I could get it delivered every two weeks!

Let me know if you decide to sign up for this, and also give me feedback once you receive you first shipment!!


  1. I've never heard of anyone "paying" to get coupons.
    I read our local Sunday Paper, so I'm not actually "buying" it for the coupons only.

  2. people here in san Antonio pay for extra coupons!!