Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stock Up Day

The last few days I have been very busy. I woke up this morning and realized that I never went to the store to stock up on the best deals of the week. Since the new grocery store ads come out tomorrow, I decided that I needed to make the rounds this morning. I didn't purchase a large amount of food. Instead I focused on stocking up on ground beef. Albertsons had ground beef on sale for $1.98/lb...the best price I've seen in the last few months, so the majority of the remainder of my weekly grocery budget went to buying 12 lbs. of ground beef. I also purchased 6 Oscar Mayer Carving Board meats that were $0.99 after coupons. I purchased some at Albertsons and also price matched some at Wal-Mart.

All of the nonfood items were free or money makers with the exception of the Gain Dish Detergent, which was $0.19 after $0.50 coupons were doubled.

I won't do a breakdown of all of the deals, since the majority of the sales end today. I will try to do better about getting my stock up trip done earlier this coming week.

I ended up spending $40.98 (almost $30.00 of that was for the ground beef and lunch meat, so everything else came to just over $10.00), and I saved $133.78.

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