Saturday, September 17, 2011

Getting Started at CVS

If you are just beginning to shop at CVS or Walgreens, then I encourage you to start small. On your first trip to the drugstores, plan on going in and doing just one transaction to get your feet wet.

Tomorrow is the perfect time to make your first trip to CVS. Here's a game plan that you might want to consider:

First, if you don't already have an Extra Care Card with CVS, then go ahead and sign up for one. It will only take you a few minutes, and you'll be able to start saving right away.

Second, find the price scan machine and scan your Extra Care Card. If you can't locate it, then ask the cashier to point you in the right direction. You might not get any coupons on your first scan, but it's a good idea to get in the habit of scanning your card every time you shop at CVS.

Now it's time to start shopping. CVS has an Extra Bucks deal this week where if you buy select Gold Emblem Candy (Gold Emblem is CVS' store brand) (candy corn, autumn mix, or pumpkins) for $0.99, you'll receive a $0.99 Extra Care Buck at check out. Note, this sale is only good Sunday to Tuesday, and there is a limit of one of these deals per card.

Buy the candy, and you'll be on your way to shopping at CVS and rolling your Extra Care Bucks.

Remember, start small so you won't get overwhelmed.

Oh, you might also want to pick up a Green Bag Tag while you are there. This is a small tag that is shaped like a leaf. Every time you shop at CVS and bring in a reusable bag, the cashier will scan this tag. Every 4th time the tag is scanned, you'll earn an additional $1.00 Extra Care Buck.

Good luck starting at CVS! One more thing...if they happen to be out of the candy, don't forget to ask for a rain check!

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