Thursday, September 15, 2011

Do You Use Coupons on Everything You Buy?

Have you seen some of the previews for the new season of Extreme Couponing? I watched one segment that showed a woman say that she wouldn't buy something unless she had a coupon for it.

I've had several people ask me if I use coupons on everything I buy, and let me answer with a resounding NO! I don't think it is realistic to try to use coupons on for dairy products, fresh meat, fresh produce are few and far between. I started couponing to try to save money, but I refuse to give up the benefits of fresh fruits/veggies/meat just to save money at the grocery store.

I am able to use coupons on other grocery staples, and that frees up a good portion of my weekly budget to focus on getting the fresh products that we need.

What about you? Do you try to use coupons on everything you buy?


  1. No, I don't either. Maybe half of what I purchase to be honest. My fiance is allergic to eggs and I am diabetic. We always have fresh fruit/veggies and I have to have meat with just about every meal. Our couponing is getting better though!!

  2. i try to but it doesn't always happen...
    because you know coupons and i'm not sure, i'll ask you a question that i have been asked. is it alright to copy coupons and use copies of coupons?? thank you in advance

  3. tcalex,
    It is not alright to make copies of coupons. Most coupons that you print have a print limit of 2 per computer. The coupons that you print have a specific number on them, so companies can tell when coupons have been photocopied. Coupons that are copied will still scan at the register, but when the coupons are sent off for the stores to get reimbursed the stores will NOT get reimbursed for copied coupons. It is illegal and considered coupon fraud to copy coupons. If you need more coupons that are available to print, ask family/friends/go to the library and print coupons there. Hope that answers your question. :)