Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grocery "Stock Up" Shopping Trip

After I purchased all of our "needs" for the week, I made a trip to Albertsons to stock up at items that are on sale this week. I purchased everything above and spent $37.05.

Albertsons is having a Mega Event Sale where if you buy 10 participating products you receive $5.00 off instantly. The majority of the items I bought were part of this promotion.

Chex Mix (purchased at Wal-Mart, price matched Walgreens ad) $0.99
-used 2 $1.00 off 2 coupons (found here)
Final Price: $0.49 each

2 Hostess Snacks $1.00
-used 2 coupons for $0.50 off any Hostess product (found here) (doubled)
Final Price: FREE

3 Lance Crackers $0.99
3 Snyders Pretzels $0.99
(You must purchase both in a single transaction to get them for $0.99 each)
-used 3 coupons for $1.00 off Lance Crackers (found in 8/21 SmartSource insert)
Final Price: $0.49 each (or FREE Lance Crackers and $0.99 Pretzels)

6 Tombstone Pizzas $2.99
-used 2 coupons for $1.50 off 3 Tombstone Pizzas (found here) (There were also coupons for $1.00 off one Tombstone pizza in the 8/14 SmartSource insert. I didn't have any of these coupons, but if you do then you'll get an even better deal).
Final Price: $2.49 each ($2.50 is my stock up price for frozen pizza, and I was down to only two pizzas in our freezer, so I was excited about this price).

6 Campbell's Double Noodle Soup $0.98
-used 2 coupons for $0.40 off 3 Campbell's Soups (found here) (doubled)
Final Price: $0.71 each

12 Progresso Soups $0.98
-used 3 coupons for $1.00 off 4 Progresso Soups (found in 8/7 and 9/11 General Mills insert)
Final Price: $0.73 each

4 Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits $0.99
-used 2 coupons for $0.30 off 2 Pillsbury Biscuits (found in 8/7 and 9/11 General Mills insert) (tripled)
Final Price: $0.54

2 Juicy Juice $1.99
-used 2 coupons for $0.50 off Juicy Juice (found here) (doubled)
Final Price: $0.99

The total for Albertsons trip was $35.09 with a savings of $83.13. I also bought the Chex Mix at Wal-Mart and spent $1.96 and saved $6.76.

Total Spent: $37.05
Total Saved: $89.89

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