Monday, April 25, 2011

HEB--Organic Frozen Veggies $0.45 a bag

I know I posted about this earlier, but I wanted to remind you guys about this.

Right now HEB has Central Market Organic Frozen Veggies priced at $1.45. Right beside them on the freezer are yellow HEB coupons for $1.00 off...making each bag just $0.45!! This is definitely a time to stock up on these!!

The coupon expires tomorrow, so if you are interested you only have a until tomorrow to take advantage of this deal.


  1. I went last friday and they were completely out of coupons.

  2. Molli,
    I went to the HEB in San Angelo today and they had a large stack of coupons and a large freezer full of the veggies. They were not on the aisle with the other frozen veggies, but in a freezer that was facing the aisle. Hope that helps you out.