Wednesday, April 7, 2010

AMAZING Albertsons News!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever since I started using coupons to shop at Albertsons I've received conflicting answers to questions..."Can you use manufacturer's coupons with in ad coupons?" "Can you use 2 coupons for buy one get one free sales?" I'd be told one thing by one cashier, and another answer by someone else. I truly believe that as a coupon shopper we MUST be educated about coupons and how they work at specific stores. I decided to email corporate Albertsons and get a definite answer about their coupon policy. The coupon policy that I received was a lot different than what I had been told at the store, so I decided to take the policy up to the store today and ask the manager about it. I talked to Elaine...she was so very friendly and seemed like she genuinely wanted to help. She told me she was off duty, but still took about 15 minutes to go over the coupon policy that she had vs. the one that was mailed to me by corporate. She changed their coupon policy to include the things that corporate had...and believe me, the changes are GREAT!! Below are some of the things Elaine and I discussed...

-Albertsons will double coupons up to and including $0.50
-Albertsons will triple coupons up to and including $0.39
-Albertsons will only double/triple 4 of the exact same coupons in one transaction
-Albertsons will only accept 75 coupons per customer per day
-Albertsons will accept internet coupons
-Albertsons will accept internet coupons that say Buy x get y FREE
-Albertsons will NOT accept internet coupons that say GET X FREE (with no other purchase required).
-Albertsons will NOT accept an internet coupon if the value exceeds $2.00
-Albertsons will accept TWO coupons in a buy one get one free sale
-Albertsons will allow you to use an in store coupon with a manufacturer's coupon (as long as the in ad coupon does not state that it is a manufacturer's coupon)

-Albertsons will accept one COMPETITOR COUPON for dollars off per transaction!
What exactly does that mean? That means that you can use those register rewards from Walgreens or those Extra Care Bucks from CVS as a coupon to lower your out of pocket expense from Albertsons!! You may only use one of these per can't hand the cashier 5 different register rewards...but if you think about it, most register rewards and extra care bucks are for $2 to $4, so that's extra money to lower your grocery bill...great to lower the cost of meats, produce, milk, etc.

While I was there, Elaine made a copy of the corporate coupon policy that I brought in and talked to several of the workers there...she told me if I went through the checkout line and had any problems, to let them know that Elaine had approved it!!

Thanks so much couponers GREATLY appreciate managers/stores that make it easy for us to save!!!

This will definitely make it a lot easier to save BIG at Albertsons!! I say start shopping and saving!!

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