Wednesday, March 24, 2010

HEB (March 24-March 30)

I realized that since starting this blog, that I haven't written anything about HEB. I started to sit down last week and write an ad/coupon matchup, but there was nothing that looked real good to me. The same is true for this week, but in case some of you shop there regularly, I thought it would be good to do a quick write up.

HEB seems very hit or miss to me. Sometimes they have great meal deals, and other times they don't. Personally, I will not be shopping there this week...but for those of you who do, here's the best of what I see. Also, in their ad they have a tendency to not write prices down, so I'll tell you what coupons will work with the ad, but I will not be able to tell you final prices. Also, remember that with meal deals, you may use a manufacturer's coupon on the product you must buy, but not on the items you get free (except for the instore yellow NOT forget to be picking those up while you are shopping). Oh, and one more thing, if you are new to coupon shopping and you don't have a stockpile of coupons yet, HEB is a good place to begin because they have a lot of yellow coupons right there for the taking.

Buy HEB Spiral Sliced Ham or HEB Fully Cooked Prime Rib Roast
-HEB Bite Size Deli Crackers
-Fresh Express Garden Salad
-HEB Creamy Creations Ice Cream
-Kraft Natural Chunk Cheese
-Kraft Salad Dressing
-HEB Tea
-Handi-Foil Roaster
-Ball Park Meat Franks
(Save more than $17.85 on free items)
If you purchase the ham or prime rib, it is going to be priced quite high...but if it is something you would normally buy for a Sunday dinner or Easter meal, you'll be getting all the extras free!!

Buy Folgers Classic Roast Coffee
HEB Classic Roast Coffee

Buy Wright Thick Sliced Bacon
Simply Potatoes
(Save $2.29)

Buy 2 Fresh Express Complete Salads
Ozarka Natural Spring Water (6 pack)
(Save $1.89)

Buy Gorton's Fish sticks, Fillets, or Popcorn Shrimp
Heinz Ketchup
HEB Macaroni and Cheese
(Save $3.28)
-Also use $0.55 off any 1 Gorton's item coupon from the newspaper.

Buy Hellman's Mayonnaise
Mt. Olive Relish
Starkist Tuna
(Save $4.07)

Buy Mrs. Baird's Honey Wheat Bread
HEB Corn Chips
(Save $2.00)

Buy Shedd's Country Crock Side Dishes
HEB Premium Smoked Sausage Ring
(Save $2.99)

Buy Nissin Chow Mein or Chow Noodles Get One Free

Buy Hebrew National Beef Franks or Knockwurst
Ranch Style Beans
Hunt's Ketchup
-Also use the $0.75 off any Hebrew National Beef Franks coupon from the newspaper

Buy HEB Fully Cooked Shredded Chicken or Beef
Kraft Natural Shredded Cheese

Buy HEB Sausage Gravy
Hill Country Fare Texas Style Biscuits

Stubb's Bar-B-Q Sauce $1.50
-Use $0.60 coupon from the newspaper
Final Cost: $0.90

Trident, Dentyne, or Stride Multi Pack Gum (3 pack) $0.99
-These are usually priced around $ a great price. If you are in the habit of picking up packages of gum at the checkout, you will probably spend around $0.99 for one with this deal it's just $0.33 per pack!!

Colgate toothpaste, assorted varieties $0.99
-It doesn't say that you need an instore coupon, but you usually do with this sort of deal. If it is this price without an instore coupon...
-Use $1.00 coupon (if the assorted varieties that are priced at $0.99 are included on the coupon)
I'm guessing that you will have to use an instore coupon, but if not your final price could be FREE.

Colgate Wave or Total Professional Toothbrush $0.99

As I said before, I don't see any great deals at HEB this week, but if you are just beginning to use coupons, you might want to run there and see what sort of deals you can get just by using the yellow coupons that are posted throughout the store!!

Good luck!!

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