Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Albertsons Deals (March 24-March 30)

When I first looked through the Albertson's ad for this week, I didn't see too many great deals. After sitting down with the ad and my coupon binder, I found several deals that would make it worth your while to head over there this week. Please remember, that I am posting about the BEST deals that I see there. I am sure that I will probably miss some things, so go through the ad with your coupons and see if you can find any additional deals that will work for your family. Also, whenever I post about what coupons to use, they will be from the newspaper (various weeks) unless otherwise stated.

They are still running the same cereal deal that they did last week.
Buy 4 boxes of select Kellogg's cereal (4 for $14)
-Get 3 additional boxes free (with in store coupon)
-Receive coupons for three free gallons of milk at checkout.
-Use $1 off 2 boxes of cereal coupons
Final cost $12 (plus you'll be leaving with 3 coupons for free milk)

Buy 24 Pack of Niagara Water ($2.99)
-Get Nabisco Saltine Crackers free (with in store coupon)

Buy 4 6-packs of Pepsi ($10.00)
-Get Capri Sun juice boxes free (with in store coupon)
(To be honest, I'm not sure if this is a good deal, because I've never priced these bottles of Pepsi at other stores).

Nestle Pure Life Water 6-pack ($0.69)

Poptarts 8 ct. ($0.88)
-must use in ad coupon and you are limited to one box per transaction...additional boxes will be $1.99...which is NOT a good price.

Select Del-Monte canned vegetables ($0.49)
limit 5 per transaction
-Use $1.00 off of any 5 cans of Del-Monte fruits or vegetable coupon
Final cost: $0.29 a can (when you buy 5) This is a GREAT stock up price!!

Kool-Aid Bursts ($0.88)

Allen's Frozen Vegetables ($1.00)
-Use $0.55 off coupon
Final cost: $0.45

Dawn Dish Detergent ($1.00)
-Use $0.25 off coupon
Final cost: $0.25 after coupon is tripled. This is a GREAT stock up price!!

Hamburger or Chicken Helper ($1.00)
-Use $0.75 off 3 coupon
Final cost: $0.75 a box (when you buy 3). These are normally priced around $1.50 a box, so you'd be paying half of what you normally would.

12 packs of Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Mtn. Dew, Sunkist, or 7 Up (4 for $9.88)
-$2.47 each

French's Mustard ($1.19)
-Use $0.50 off coupon
Final cost: $0.19 after coupon is doubled. This is a GREAT stock up price!!

THREE DAY SALE (prices good from Friday the 26th until Sunday the 28th)

2 Liter Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, or Sunkist ($0.88)
-there is a limit of 5

Sara Lee Classic White Bread ($0.99)
-Use $0.55 coupon
Final cost: $0.44

Look through your ad and look through your coupons and see if you can match up any deals that I might have missed!!

Good Luck!!

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