Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Albertsons Trip (March 24)

Before I post my weekly ad matchups, I always try to go to the store first to see if the coupons really will work the way I think they should. I don't want you to get to the store and have things not work out the way I've told you they should. I ran in there real quick this morning, and purchased everything seen below. I spent...


I had to break up my trip into two different transactions for a couple of reasons. Number are limited to buying 5 of the Del-Monte Vegetables at the price of $0.49 (I bought 10 cans, so had to run through the line twice). Also, Albertsons will only double/triple 4 of the exact same manufacturer's coupons per transaction...since I purchased 7 bottles of Dawn, I had to break those up into 2 different transactions as well.

7 bottles of Dawn Dish Detergent ($7.00)
-minus 7 $0.25 coupons (all were tripled) $5.25
Final cost: $1.75 (or $0.25 each)

10 cans of Del-Monte Vegetables ($4.90)
-minus 2 $1 coupons $2.00
Final cost: $2.90 (or $0.29 each)

1 can of Albertsons Tomato Sauce ($0.49)
-minus coupon for free Albertsons Tomato Sauce (from playing the Monopoly game) $0.49
Final cost: FREE

4 bottles of French's Mustard ($4.76)
-minus 4 $0.50 coupons (all were doubled) $4.00
Final cost: $0.76 (or $0.19 each)

1 Gallon Milk ($3.58)
-minus coupon for free gallon of milk (from cereal deal I did last week) $3.58
Final cost: FREE

Once you start clipping those coupons, you will be able to do deals like this too!! I promise!!


  1. I see something cute in that picture, that I would purchase if he were for sale. :) Give those sweet cheeks a squeeze for me.

  2. Yes, where did you get that cute little smiley face? Surely not at Albertsons??! I'd better make a run!