Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Duncan Hines Brownies--$0.33

CVS has the Duncan Hines Brownies priced at 12 for $10.00 this week...that breaks down to just $0.83 a box. If you use the coupon for $0.50 off Duncan Hines Brownies that I just posted about, you'll be able to get a box for just $0.33!!

This sale is featured on the last page of their ad.

The CVS I shop at does not have a large stock of food items, so I will probably take the ad into Wal-Mart and price match there.


  1. I was wondering if you had ever tried to price match at Walmart with a CVS ad before and how it had gone. I went to Walmart this week and wanted to price match the Similac deal advertised in the CVS ad. They told me that because CVS requires a card they wouldn't price match it. I argued my case a little and she went to talk to her supervisor and they ended up honoring the price match but it was frustrating because any time i try to price match or coupon at Walmart it's almost always a fight. I hardly ever go there with coupons anymore.

  2. Wal-Mart can be frustrating at times depending on the cashier you get. Wal-Mart is supposed to honor the prices from CVS. To get the price at CVS, you are supposed to have an Extra Care Card. Some Wal-Mart's will require you to show them your card in order to price match for you.