Sunday, May 2, 2010

Coupon Inserts

We went camping this weekend and just made it back into town this morning. Of course, I made my husband stop by the gas station on the way home to pick up some newspapers. I didn't stop to check all of the newspapers before I bought them (I'll blame it on my sleep deprived brain.) By the time we got home and got our van unpacked, I realized that the newspapers that I bought only had the SmartSource insert. The coupon preview said that we should have three different inserts today. My husband offered to run to Wal-Mart to pick up some other newspapers for me...what a man!! :)
So, for those of you who live in San Angelo, I'm not sure if I just got bad newspapers, or if all of the San Antonio newspapers were missing two of the inserts. The San Angelo newspaper does have all three inserts, but the SmartSource and RedPlum do NOT have all of the coupons that were listed in the coupon preview. I've found that you can usually find the Sunday San Angelo newspaper still available at Wal-Mart on Monday morning, so if you found that your newspaper did not have the inserts you were expecting it might be worth your time to head out tomorrow and buy some San Angelo papers.
Even though the San Angelo paper does not have as many coupons as other papers, there are still a couple of coupons that will get you FREE products. I haven't had a chance to really go through the coupons, but I did notice 2 right away that should get you FREE items!!

-$4.00 off Nivea Body Wash for Women (in RedPlum insert). You can get a good deal at Walgreens, or if Walgreens still intimidates you, this should be priced right under $4.00 at Wal-Mart and Target

-$4.00 off 2 Gillette Body Washes or Deodorants (in Proctor and Gamble insert). The 8 oz. Gillette Body Wash is priced right under $2.00 at Target, so two FREE body washes!!

Let me know if your newspaper had all the inserts that you were expecting.


  1. I haven't been paying attention to what inserts I'm suppose to get/what I'm getting. I just pull them all out and start clipping. I think I got shorted last week. Is San Angelo and San Antonio both suppose to get P&G, smartsource, and redplum? Does it happen very often to get shorted?

  2. Each week you can expect different inserts...some weeks you'll only get one and other weeks you can get as many as four inserts. This week we were supposed to get 3 (1 SmartSource, 1 RedPlum, 1 Proctor and Gamble). Inserts and coupon values vary by region...I've always found that the San Antonio newspaper usually has the majority of the coupons that are listed in the Sunday coupon preview, so I was very surprised not to find all the inserts today. I would suggest always flipping through the newspaper before you buy it, because there have been times when there are NO coupons in the paper. People sometimes go through the papers and steal always try to check for inserts before buying.

  3. My San Antonio didn't have red plum. I did get the P&G and smart source. I guess I am going to have to check before I pay for one next time.

  4. Lucrecia did my post not appear on here last night?

  5. Brittney, I didn't see a post from you. :)