Thursday, April 1, 2010

Digiorno Coupon!!

There's also a great coupon available for Digiorno pizza!! Most every Friday night, we have pizza and a movie, so I am excited about seeing such a high value pizza coupon!! You must become a fan of Digiorno on Facebook to print this coupon. The coupon is for $3.00 off any Digiorno pizza and breadsticks. I've never seen this at the store, so I'm not sure of the price...but $3.00 off is a GREAT coupon!! You will be able to print this coupon off twice!!

You might miss this coupon if you don't look carefully. On the main page of Digiorno's Facebook page you'll need to click the button that says, "Fool your friends and save $3." That will take you to a second page, scroll all the way down that page, and on the bottom right corner in small words it will say something like click here to get your $3 coupon. Click on that and your coupon should print!!

Once again, thanks for this great deal!!

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