Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Couple of great deals!

I ran by Target today and saw that they have their Campbells Cream of Mushroom Soup and Cream of Chicken Soup priced at $0.75. If you use the $1.00 off 2 coupon that I posted about'll be able to get each can for $0.25!! You should be able to print off 2 of these 4 cans for a dollar!!
If you didn't have a chance to print the coupons earlier, they are found at
(I'm not sure why my computer won't let you simply click on the link above) can either copy/paste it into your address bar, or handtype it...sorry! I am not good with computers at all!!

Another great deal is on dog food at Wal-Mart...In the San Antonio newspaper on Sunday were two coupons that will get you free dogfood!! One of the coupons is for a Free 5.5 oz can of Purina Mighty Dog Food(you don't have to purchase anything... ABSOLUTELY FREE!!) The second coupon is for $3.00 off any 5 5.5 oz cans of Purina Mighty Dog Food. These are priced at $0.57 at if you use this coupon, you'll get 5 cans ABSOLUTELY FREE.
I sure hope you didn't throw these coupons away. We don't have a dog, but I went ahead and did this 36 cans of dog food for FREE!! We are going to be making a trip to the Animal Shelter to donate the food. If you don't have pets, think about buying this and donating it, either to the Animal Shelter, or to a family that has pets!!

Hope you are able to get some good deals!!

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