Thursday, April 29, 2010

Coupons that Will Expire Tomorrow

I just wanted to remind you that tomorrow is the end of April, and that means that quite a few of the coupons from the newspaper will be expiring. Before you throw all of them out, I thought I should highlight a couple of them that will get you FREE items if you run to the store tomorrow.

-Save $1.00 on any size Tide Detergent
I usually save these coupons up hoping to find a GREAT deal, but if there aren't any good deals during the month, I use these to get FREE travel size Tide Detergent right before they expire. These are priced around $0.99 at Wal-Mart and Target. These are great for traveling (of course), but would also make cute fillers to put in baskets/care packages to send to college students. These packages hold enough detergent for one load, so not much...but I'd rather get one load free than throw a stack of coupons away that will get me FREE items that can be used or donated.

Save $1.50 on any one Vicks Product
The coupon specifically says ANY Vicks product. You can find Vicks Cough Drops for around $1.00 at most drug stores and grocery stores. Again, these would be great to stock up on or donate to others.

At the end of the month when you start going through your old coupons, don't automatically throw them all away...think outside the box and you might be able to score some FREE items!!

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