Thursday, September 1, 2011

Game Coupons has released some great game coupons!

The coupons include:

$4.00 of any one Connect 4 Game

$5.00 off one Simon Flash, Scrabble Flash, Yahtzee Flash, or Bop It XT Game

$4.00 off any one Monopoly Game

(I found these using zip code 76904 and clicking on the Toys and Games Category).

I know with the 100 degree weather it doesn't seem like it, but Christmas is just around the corner so you might want to think about printing these out to help with your Christmas shopping.

Even if your family won't play these games, think about buying games and donating to a family in need, Salvation Army Angel Tree, Toys for Tot, etc. There are always so many opportunities to give around Christmas time!

Note, the Monopoly coupon says save $4.00 off any one Monopoly Game. Monopoly Deal is a card game that is usually priced right around $5.00. You should be able to use this coupon to get a great deal on a card game; it would make a great stocking stuffer!

You also might look for the Travel size Connect 4 Game. There is no size restriction on these coupons, so you'll probably be able to pick up the Travel Size Connect 4 Game for right around a dollar using the coupon!

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