Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Target Trip (March 16)

With three growing boys in our family, we go through food like crazy!! It seems like every time I turn around we have gone through another box of cereal or another gallon of milk. We generally go through around 4 gallons of milk a week...I cannot imagine how many we will go through when they are teenagers! I've found that on any given day Sam's has the best price on milk, but if you start watching your ads, you'll find that you might get better deals at other stores. Once you start earning extra care bucks at CVS, you can use those to put towards your milk purchases...sometimes even getting milk for free. This morning after breakfast I realized that we were on our last gallon of milk. (I sure wish I realized this when I was out running errands yesterday). I decided that instead of running to Sam's that I'd run back to Target and see if I could find some better deals on milk.

I purchased everything seen below, and spent...

$10.96 PLUS I earned another $5 gift card.
4 boxes of Frosted Flakes ($2.50 each)
minus 2 $1.00 off 2 coupons found in the newspaper
4 gallons of milk ($2.99)
minus 4 coupons for $1 off milk if you purchase a box of Kellogg's cereal (I found these coupons in the boxes of cereal that I purchased yesterday...always check boxes before throwing them might be throwing away valuable coupons)
1 4-pack of Activia yogurt ($1.89)
minus 1 coupon for free Activia yogurt (This coupon was mailed to me from the company)
Final cost was $15.96...I paid with a $5 gift card that I earned yesterday (from the Kellogg's cereal promotion)...spent $10.96 in cash AND earned another $5 gift card.
After factoring in this gift card, it is like I spent $5.96 on everything pictured above...$5.96 would be a great price to pay for 4 gallons of milk, but I was able to buy the other items as well.
Sometimes we get into a rut when we are shopping...going to the same store because it's the one we've always gone to, or maybe going to the one closest to us. If you start planning ahead and really paying attention to prices, you'll find that you can save yourself a whole lot of money just by thinking a little differently. When stores run promotions (Extra Care Bucks, Register Rewards, Gift Cards), really think how you can make those items work for you. You'll be amazed at how much you can save, and how much fun you can have while you are saving!!
Good luck!!


  1. were you able to use the 4 $1 Dial coupons at the same time?

  2. Krista,
    Yes I was able to use all of the $1 Dial coupons at the same time. I know certain Targets will give couponers a hard time about using more than one of the same coupon per transaction, but I am lucky enough to have a very coupon friendly store! If I lived in an area where they wouldn't allow me to use more than one per transaction, I'd go through the store a second time and do another transaction.