Saturday, March 20, 2010

A friend's trip to Target

Yesterday I met one of my friends at Target to try to help her find some good deals. She has used coupons in the past, but is just now getting back into the habit of shopping with them. We found some great deals. She bought everything pictured below, and spent...

$25...AND she received a $5 gift card that she can use on her next trip to Target. She saved over $128.00 by combining coupons with in store sales and promotions!!

I'm not sure of every single coupon that was used, but I'll try to match them up to the best of my knowledge, so you can see if you have any coupons that will score you free/cheap deals at Target!!

4 boxes of cereal 4 for $10 (plus you get a $5 gift card when you buy 4)
minus $1.50 off any 3 Kellogg's cereals (found at
Spent $8.50 (but received $5 gift card)

2 4 packs of GE Reveal Lightbulbs $2.12 each
minus 2 $1.50 GE Reveal Target coupons (found at
minus 1 $1 GE Reveal manufacturer's coupon
Spent $0.24...$0.12 each

2 Gillette Clinical Strength Deodorant $1.79 each
minus $4 off 2 Gillette Deodorant coupon
FREE plus $0.42 overage

3 Gillette Body Wash $3.54 each
minus 2 Buy Gillette Deodorant get Gillette Body Wash free
and 1 $2 off any Gillette Body Wash coupon
Spent $1.54...$0.51 each

2 Right Guard Deodorants...trial size $0.97 each
minus $2 off 2 Right Guard deodorants found at
FREE plus $0.06 overage

4 Air Wick Freshmatic Starter Kits $6 (These are regularly priced at $13.99)
minus 2 $1 Air Wick Target coupons (found at
minus 4 $5 Air Wick manufacturer's coupons
Spent $2...$0.50 each

1 Herbal Essence Shampoo $2.99
minus 1 $1 Herbal Essence shampoo coupon
Spent $1.99

1 Herbal Essence Hairspray $2.99
minus 1 Buy Herbal Essence shampoo, get styling product free coupon

1 Satin Care Shave Gel $0.99
minus 1 $0.55 Satin Care Coupon
Spent $0.44

Johnson and Johnson First Aid Travel Kit $0.99
minus 1 $1 Johnson and Johnson First Aid coupon
FREE plus $0.01 overage

2 boxes of BandAids ($1.77 each) and 1 tube of Neosporin ($3.89)
minus 2 $1 BandAid Target coupons (found at
minus 1 $0.50 BandAid manufacturer's coupon
minus 1 $3 buy Neosporin and BandAid coupon
Spent $1.93...$0.64 each

2 tubs of Betty Crocker Frosting $1.00 each
minus 2 $0.50 Betty Crocker coupons
Spent $1...$0.50 each

1 4-pack Del Monte Fruit Chiller Cups $1.89
minus 1 $1 Fruit Chiller coupon (found at
Spent $0.89

3 boxes of Jell-O $0.46 each
minus 1 $1.25 when you buy 3 participating Kraft products coupon
Spent $0.13...about $0.04 each

3 4-pack Snack Pick Pudding cups $0.96 each
minus 1 $1 off 3 Snack Pick Pudding coupon
Spent $1.88...$0.63 each

1 Crest ProHealth Toothpast ($2.99) and 1 Crest ProHealth MouthWash ($2.74)
minus 1 $1.50 off 2 Crest ProHealth products Target coupon
minus $1 off any Crest Toothpaste manufacturer's coupon
minus $2 off any Crest Mouthwash manufacturer's coupon
Spent $1.23...$0.62 each

2 Crest Scope Outlast Toothpastes $2.79 each
minus 2 $1 Crest Toothpaste coupons
Spent $3.58...$1.79 each

If you are just beginning, start clipping coupons and checking ads...before you know it, you'll be able to get some amazing deals as well!!

Great shopping Leta!!

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