Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Inexpensive Bread

Do any of you guys shop at a bread outlet? I know for a lot of people, the idea of a bread outlet is very unappealing. They think of outdated or moldy bread.

We go through a loaf of bread in about 2 days in our house...fixing sandwiches for five people for lunch, toast, buttered bread with supper...well, you get the idea. It goes quick. :) Before I got married I always would buy the cheapest bread that I could find, and I even did it after I got married. One day my husband kindly pointed out that he didn't really like the cheap bread...said it fell apart and just wasn't as good as other kinds. His favorite is Nature's Own Honey Wheat Bread. Well, I didn't want him to suffer :), but I also don't have room in my budget for bread that is $2.50 a loaf...when you are going through 3 or 4 loaves a week, it sure does add up.

Shopping at the bread outlet, gives us both what we like...quality bread at a great price.

Nature's Own Bread is priced at 2 loaves for $2.69...almost half the price at a normal grocery store. The deal gets even better, because the last few weeks that I've been to the bread outlet they have had a special deal on Nature's Own products. Buy 2 and get 2 FREE. That's 4 loaves of bread for $ AWESOME deal!!

I would really encourage you guys to check out your local bread outlet. You might be surprised at the quality of breads that you can find. Oh, by the way...the bread I purchased today has August 26 stamped on it...a good 3 days away.

If you don't think you'll go through bread that quickly, then throw it in the freezer, or go in with a friend/neighbor and split the cost.

For those of you in San Angelo, the bread outlet is located on Sherwood Way down the street from HEB...right next to Taco Bell. I purchase almost all my breads, hot dog/hamburger buns, and bagels there.

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