Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Upcoming CVS Deal?

I am writing about this hoping that it comes to our area. Sometimes the CVS deals that I read about are conveniently left out of our local ad, but 90% of the time we get the deals that I read about. I thought I should pass along this information because sometimes these coupons reach their print limits quickly when a good sale comes along.

Starting Sunday at CVS there is supposed to be the following deal:
Buy $15 worth of Degree and Dove deodorant and earn a $5 ECB. These deodorants are supposed to be priced at $2.50. In order to reach $15 you'd need to buy 6 deodorants. At you can print numerous deodorant coupons. There are several for $3 off 2 Degree and Dove deodorant coupons. You are able to print two off of each coupon.

IF we get this deal (IF...I'm hoping...I love free or close to free), you could do the following:

Buy 6 deodorants ($15.00) minus 3 $3 off 2 coupons, pay $6 and receive $5 in ECBs. Once you factor in the ECBs, you'd be spending around $0.16 for each deodorant.

I'm thinking this is going to be a good time to stock up on deodorant or maybe buy some to donate. I'd go ahead and print out these coupons if you are interested, but please don't go to CVS and try to do this deal until you first check our local ad.

If you are new to CVS shopping, remember that you need an Extra Care Card in order to get these deals...just ask the cashier about it and you can get a card very easily (and it's free!!)

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  1. heading to walgreens to get the free lipsmackers for the girls and more vicks cough drops!!

    love you and love the blog!!